Writing comes naturally to you, just like your curiosity and thirst for information. You’re a collector of things: fun facts, crazy stories, good dialogue, moving scenes. To you, the world is a language collage. But now you’re looking for a challenge, ready to push yourself, ready to make some of the best work of your career.

You’ll bring to the group a background of branding and design writing across different mediums (web, video, social, packaging). You’re equally dependable with concepting and execution and you look forward to the opportunity to work across departments and make a big impact wherever necessary.

***Specific emphasis on design writing, brand communication, UX/UI writing, and content for lifestyle and technology categories.

What You'll Bring

  • Contribute to various large-scale digital projects including websites, branding, content, campaigns, and more 
  • An innate desire to push yourself and the people around you—as well as the projects you work on 
  • Easy going nature of putting the client and your team before yourself Ready and able to work with little process in place (aka a knack for solving problems through hard work, teamwork, and proactive problem solving 
  • Eagerness to collaborate, multi-task and solve challenges with a solid point-of-view and an ear for different opinions
  • Exceptional knowledge of brand programs, interactive design, online retail and related industries
  • Team player with easy-going nature and good vibes; works well with others
  • Creative agency experience or similar; familiar with workflow and production process
  • Creative and versatile writer fluent in concepting and collaborating Gifted multi-tasker ready to balance and/or juggle many projects at once
  • Confidence, talent and poise when presenting work to stakeholders of all level
  • Naturally curious with an entrepreneurial and independent spirit
  • Strong knowledge of writing’s role in visual design and user-centered experience, interactive design, brand development and the creative process
  • Real passion for our craft: design, creativity, technology