You design experiences that set standards for others to follow. You do this through conceptual direction, production, sketching, prototyping, and planning. You love the craft, the collaboration, and the grit it takes to make something great.

Leadership is exciting to you, but you’re also willing to follow others because you understand that great ideas can come from anywhere. You sweat the details, and expect others to do the same. You’ve made it where you are by embracing every challenge and seeing every challenge as an opportunity. You want to be here because you want to create things people love.

Emphasis on design, digital experience, eCommerce, and content for lifestyle and technology categories. 

What You'll Do:
Work in San Diego on various accounts.
Assist in the design and production of large-scale projects including websites, banners, branding, content, and more.
Design, repurpose, and package regional kits for global regions.
Build presentations, craft documentation, and deliver asset kits to developers and other team members. Contribute to the creative execution of our efforts.
Progress yourself as well as the projects you work on.
Bring business strategy to creative execution to drive results
Put the client and your team before yourself.
Work with little process in place, solving problems through proactive problem-solving.

What You'll Bring:
5+ years of design and interactive work.
Confidence and talent when it comes to presenting to stakeholders at all levels
Strong knowledge of visual design, user-centered experience design, interaction design, brand development, and the creative process.
Ability to lead internal teams, accept feedback, and contribute where necessary.
The ability to multi-task and solve challenges.
Skills in modern design and prototyping tools.
A solid point-of-view and a collaborative nature.
An entrepreneurial and independent spirit.
A diverse sense of taste with the knowledge necessary to apply to various efforts.
Real passion for our craft: design, creativity, technology.