As you may have gathered, I'm an acolyte of Liz Ryan, founder and CEO of Human Workplace. Because, among other reasons, she says shit like this: "What is so great about working for you? From your letter, I sure wouldn’t want to work for you. You sound like a controlling person ... There are lots of other employers who may offer better job opportunities than you do and who don’t feel the crushing need you feel to dig into a job-seeker’s past."


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A growing recruiting trend (one that we especially ROCK at) is identifying just the right Digital Marketing expert to help our Clients get to that next level in brand growth. One of our Social Media Marketing Manager Candidates starts her new job with San Francisco fashion retail client this month -- Boom!

Because it’s always (always) about talent, my team and I spend our days tracking down emerging and established star candidates to help your business grow. Ready when you are. 

A fan and supporter since inception, I made it official and joined The Keep A Breast Foundation Board of Directors this Fall. Could you be our next Board President?  We're looking for someone with tech/startup/apps world experience and passion for the cause. If this is you, or you want to get yourself/company/brand involved somehow, hit reply now and tell me more. 

Below is on my own searching list, any referrals/introductions greatly appreciated. 
- Executive Tech Recruiters
- Marketplace Giving Experts

Instagram makes me smile. If you’re on it, find me.

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- Keva


Who can't use 185 powerful verbs? Some of my faves are in here: orchestrated, fostered, engineered, amplified, furthered, cultivated, transformed, shaped, conveyed, navigated, authored, scrutinized. I don't care for "executed," however, as it makes me think of a firing squad. "Implemented" works just as well. Not listed here but also groovy: stewarded, quarterbacked, nurtured, reinvented, bolstered, piloted, calibrated, captained. Anything off the beaten path you care to share?


TODAY IN SHITTY BRAND MESSAGING: "[Company] designs and executes high quality experiences surrounding emerging technologies and innovative industries by providing education, business insights and entertainment to entrepreneurs and influencers in intimate settings. Through strategic partnerships, extensive research and careful curation we produce networking experiences that provide both credible information and brand interaction with disruptive innovation." No translation was provided.


A project-manager client recently told me she keeps a bowl of candy on her desk to gauge the team's mood; she measures the stress level by how often she has to refill the bowl, which allows her to address the stress before it becomes toxic. This is a great little performance story for her resume -- you could do worse than to be remembered by your future boss as The Project Manager With The Candy-Bowl Barometer.