Back at it!

NEWS I'm back in the office being busy, gettin-it-done by handwriting notecards to clients and going LIVE with our NEW WEBSITE!  (insert happy dance here) 

HOW I HELP Checking out portfolio websites is a BIG part of my work day and I am full of tips like: refresh your design at least once a year (technology moves fast, people!), have an easy to remember url, and minimize the clicking (it took me 5 clicks to navigate to the page of logos on a candidate's site today.) 

RESUME RESCUE 9 years later and I'm still amazed at how well Julia Rubiner, Personal Branding Storyteller for Creative Profiles is able to spin someone's experience from one industry to another to help get interviews and land jobs. In awe...

FAVORITE THINGS Reading about Pony Sweat in the ILOVECREATIVES newsletter filled us with glee 😏 Thank you Emilia Richeson for rocking our world (and our playlists).

GET EDUCATED 15 years and counting, my friends at Keep-a-Breast have had a traveling education booth about breast cancer awareness at the Warped Tour. I'll be there this weekend and you bet I'm bringing my 10 year old!

JOBS Check em out!

xo Keva