Newness update

Solidly into 2016 and in full swing of NEW

New jobs placed, new projects booked, new resumes written -- repeat, repeat, repeat. While we’re on the topic of new, internally we’re excited about our own website redesign projects and about our pretty serious asana habit (oh mighty unicorn we heart you!) A few things to share:

Life/work balance? It’s true, I worked at the beach while the kids played during our quick trip home to San Diego, and that afternoon was pretty dreamy.

Watch me work! Snuck a peek behind the scenes at my friend Jenny’s own company. I love seeing how my other company-owning friends run their businesses.

Jams! Music makes our fingers type faster.


Recruiting Digital  Senior Web Designer + Visual Designer searches are taking over. If you’re even a little but curious, shoot Colby an email. Or make your friends' day by forwarding this newsletter. Either way, job karma is a real thing.

Ok, back to work!
xo Keva

PS Wanna know how to stay out of a recruiter's black hole? Foster those relationships + keep it short and sweet. EX: I just got an email from a Creative Director, the subject read "Ready for anything!" and I opened it right away.