Social Media Profiles

Googled yourself lately? That’s what prospective employers do – their first stop after deciding to find out more about you is Google.

And while we can’t do anything about those spring-break-in-Daytona pictures that keep popping up, we CAN make sure your Linkedin profile and Facebook 411 help you look like a brilliant potential hire.

If you’re reading this, you understand the importance of a memorable resume. Why put time and effort into carefully crafting that advertisement for Brand You and let your Linkedin and Facebook pages languish, leaving them just so-so (or worse)?

To a hiring manager, your social-media presence is as much a part of your personal brand as your resume and cover letter. Your profiles should work together to express who you are professionally and personally. And it’s essential that they sound like you – only better.

That’s where we come in. Facebook info a bit too casual? Linkedin profile dry as dust? Disparity between the two akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? We have the fix to fit your style.

Don’t forget to ask about our package discounts – if one of our personal-branding specialists rewrites your resume (and rocks your cover letter), it’s that much easier to polish your social-media profiles, and our package pricing reflects that.

Ready to change your status, not just your status update?

Email us for a custom quote; we’ll turn your online multiple-personality disorder into a compelling, consistent suite of personal-branding platforms.