I recently came across a resume that led with this: “SUMMERY.” It IS rather “summery” just now, but I’m thinkin’ that’s not what the candidate meant. Yep, he misspelled “summary” in letters 22 points high at the top of his resume. If I were the hiring manager, I’d have stopped right there.

Now, as in elementary school, spelling counts — so do grammar and punctuation (see links below). Maybe you know the “rules” but have overlooked a typo or two. Nothing says “I pay no attention to detail” like errors. Is YOUR resume spotless?

Our personal-branding content developers and writers are experts in marketing communications AND written English. Our proofreading is downright obsessive (spell-check alone wouldn’t have caught “summery”). If you’re not 100% sure your resume — or cover letter or LinkedIn profile or executive bio — passes the white-glove test, let us help.