Talent Recruitment

We’re constantly sourcing talent, and our reach to candidates is extensive. We won’t be pitching you dozens of candidates because we’re driven to pitch you just the right one.


Get Hired

Job Placement

We post some of our job searches, but our world moves so fast that many opportunities don’t go public. The best place to be is on our radar. So get on it!


Get Better

Personal Branding

If you want them to hire YOU and not the equally qualified candidate, you need an ass-kicking personal brand. "Really?" you may be thinking. Um ... it's only your career.


Whether you’re looking for talent, work or an upgrade of your personal brand, we’ve got you covered.


We live to be your first call.

Whether you're looking for talent, work or an upgrade of your personal brand, we've got you covered. We thrive on our relationships, which means we're here for you every step of the way. We can't wait to help. Let’s do this!


What people are saying ...

  • “You will never meet a more persistent person in your life, she gets the job done every time.”
    Michael Sharp
    CEO/Founder - Standard Time LA
  • “I’ve worked with Keva for 10 years as a trusted go-to partner for finding great people to add to my team. #keva”
    Shawn Parr
  • “Three words...BEST IN CLASS!”
    John Heffner
    CEO - Drybar
  • “By helping us find the right people, Keva has contributed to our success.”
    Monika Shourie
    Senior Director, Creative Management - Restoration Hardware
  • ““Keva is one of the greats. Super connected and really understands the creative world.”
    Kristen Ludwig
    President + Founder - IN GOOD CO
  • “She has been the best resource for me, every step of the way.”
    Caterina DeCarlo
    Interim VP Campus Planning, Design + Development - Restoration Hardware
  • “A week after my initial contact with Keva, I was signing a job offer.”
    Seth Cortright
    Creative Director
  • “I go wherever she sends me.”
    Laura Silverman
    Branding Expert + Writer
  • “Keva has an innate talent as a curator, coach and negotiator.”
    Mia Rasor
    Creative Director, Digital - Restoration Hardware
  • “Keva and Julia own it! Strategy, confidence and strength.”
    Kristine Ambrose
    Photographer + Graphic Designer
  • “Profile perfectionists ! My career story has now been captured and told in a more effective way.”
    Andrew Smits
  • “I can’t believe my original resume got me any work at all!”
    Jyl Freeman
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • “The day I called Keva was the day my job hunt changed. I feel so much more confident about the person I am presenting after this serious exercise in career development!”
    Lauren Colley
    Event Producer
  • “Wow — you are definitely worth every penny!”
    Renee Oho Ohikuare
  • “Their critique steered my resume straight into a new job!”
    Brett Johnson
    Executive Director
  • “I’m blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Garrett Patz
    Designer + Photographer