Hello, Jessie

With a background in Business, Marketing and Political Science, Jessie brings a quiet work steady focus to team KDA. She’s our balance! Tasked with social media and marketing content creation and coordination, Jessie is taking in all the little details and making sure everything we put out there is on brand, clear and concise. But don’t let the calm exterior fool you, this girl is silently jammin’ out to classic rock and planning her next sky diving adventure. No joke. Top faves right here: Rush- Limelight, Black Dog- Led Zeppelin, Carry On Wayward Son-Kansas, Be Still-The Killers, Say My Name-Odesza.

Keva Dine

It was time for a refresh. Over the last few weeks, in-between searching for candidates and making placements, the team and I did some creative concepting of our own. Visual Identity. Brand Voice. Key Messaging Statements. If you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you’re in the creative space on some level, so I know you know what I’m talking about.

We wanted the messaging to be clear and to the point. We also wanted to keep things confidential. After we narrowed the site down to three pages, we asked ourselves: Do we need to show more? What would the more be? Insights are kept on the low down. Our strategy is customized for each client and our process varies with each relationship. The rest is our secret sauce and when we work together, you can catch a glimpse.

Keva Dine
New York For The Win

A current client referred a new client. Best Compliment Ever! *Enter* New York based sports industry brand that needed us to find them a few Product Developers for their growing team. They wanted to hire candidates outside their own network, even outside of the New York area.

We scoured our internal database, screened hundred’s of outside candidates, filtered more emails than we can count and then started the phone screenings. A short list was made, more phone calls were scheduled and more ‘secret recruiter tests’ were passed. From the hundreds, five candidates were presented to the client. Two made it to final rounds and both received offers and both accepted. Our client is happy and busy getting back to work. The candidates are stoked. And, we are still feeling the buzz of it all.

Keva Dine

Automations are now common place in business sales - emails can be written for us, Ai recruiting is for sure happening (no lie). Most of the time it’s obvious, but it’s getting harder and harder to tell the bots from the real peeps. Should recruiters use all these tools? (Maybe?) Do we? (Sometimes) The team and I looove technology and our crushes on #slack and #calendly are still going strong. But how much automation is too much? One of my favorite articles about nurturing relationships (Fast Company written by Barry Farber) reminds me that “Relying on technology rather than relationships” doesn’t always close the sale. Which explains my love affair for good old fashioned phone conversations. Truth is, we love our phones. A phone call can make a day. It can land a job. Start a relationship. A good phone call with a candidate leaves us inspired, each and every time. Check out Talent Scout Jewel in action.

Keva Dine
Stanford dSchool

Last Spring I sat on a panel for SWID, Standfords’ Women In Design group. Design students asked me career and job searching questions and I shared my best advice and secret tips. It was an honor to be there and I left feeling inspired and motivated. When they asked me to come back and lead a workshop, it was an easy yes. The Fall SWID Conference: Navigating Design, is right around the corner and pretty soon I will be reviewing the submissions in preparation for my Live Action Personal Branding Critique. Boom!

Keva Dine