Is the thank you note really dead?

Creatives โœ‚ Is the thank you note really dead? ๐Ÿ’Œ Last week I got a thank you note and coffee gift card in the mail from a candidate that weโ€™re working on getting placed into a Graphic Design position. The note was neatly handwritten, the paper was custom branded linen stock and the gift card was inside a beautiful red envelope with gold embossed lettering. It was totally unnecessary, especially since this designer and I have been talking almost every day, but still, it made my day.

My team and I talk/email/message/text with hundreds of candidates every month and this was the first mailed note we received in maybe 6 months.

So, I ask you: Is the "Thank You Note" really dead? Do you think that thank you emails carry the same weight as a mailed card? When was the last time YOU wrote out, addressed and snail-mailed a thank you card? Find out what people had to say, here.

Keva Dine