Automations are now common place in business sales - emails can be written for us, Ai recruiting is for sure happening (no lie). Most of the time it’s obvious, but it’s getting harder and harder to tell the bots from the real peeps. Should recruiters use all these tools? (Maybe?) Do we? (Sometimes) The team and I looove technology and our crushes on #slack and #calendly are still going strong. But how much automation is too much? One of my favorite articles about nurturing relationships (Fast Company written by Barry Farber) reminds me that “Relying on technology rather than relationships” doesn’t always close the sale. Which explains my love affair for good old fashioned phone conversations. Truth is, we love our phones. A phone call can make a day. It can land a job. Start a relationship. A good phone call with a candidate leaves us inspired, each and every time. Check out Talent Scout Jewel in action.

Keva Dine